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Essentials of Writing a book review ks2

Like any other academic documents, a book review follows a particular structure and is supposed to assist the readers with understanding the book's plot. However, this does not just happen. It is the reason why most college students find it hard to write a book review. Like any other paper, a book review has several specific requirements that one must follow to the latter. Therefore, while writing a book review, you should ensure that it is both fascinating and informative. The following are some characteristics of a great book review;

Type of Plot

When drafting a book review, you need to choose the type of information you are going to discuss. You can check out summary points that are relevant to the book. A quote will come in very samedayessay reviews handy when clarifying key points such as examples or synonyms. Remember, not only must it be useful. Every anecdote or instance you use in the book must be related to the main theme of the study.


Note that the title is crucial and should strictly be written according to the author’s specifications. Do not add anything that might make the reader think that it is irrelevant or boring. Remember that this is an ordinary document. Non-technical terms like introductions, body paragraphs, and conclusion may not even get included in the list of essential elements.

Breakdown of the Story

Even though you are expected to create an outline for the book review, always stick to the original plan. One trick that will help you write the review is breaking down the novel into chapters. Even though the story will be essential, it will be tiring to read through every section. Therefore, break down the chapters to give way to a concise and complete summary.


This is where the writer gets into the details of the book and introduces the reader to the plot. At this point, there is a need to keep things short and sweet. Do not delve too much in the biography. Keep it simple and straight to the point. If possible, throw in a few jokes to keep the readers engaged. Lastly, put your voice in the mix, making sure to utilize formal vocabulary and tone.


It is good to take enough time before revising the book. Look for any grammatical errors and typos. You may have made some mistakes that require correction. If this happens, it is good to submit the paperback copy of the work. Take the time to go through it again to ensure it is perfect.

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