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How wide is a King Size Platform Bed Frame? There are different types of beds that people choose from. A king-size bed is popular but it’s mostly preferred by married couples. This is because they are spacious and they can sleep more comfortably. One question that people ask is how wide a king size platform bed should be. There are different variations to this, but it should be wide enough.

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The Standard Size

Experts recommend that the dimensions of the king size platform bed frame should be equal to the size of the mattress. The width of the mattress is 76 inches while the length is 80 inches and thus this is the standard size of this particular bed. Actually, in all bed types, this particular one tends to be the widest. This is the reason they are highly preferred by couples and sleepers who need a lot of extra space to sleep comfortably.

· It can be compared to Two Twin Mattresses

The size of the king-size beds is compared to the size of two twin mattresses placed side to side. This makes it wider than other types of beds and an ideal one for sleepers who need ample sleeping space. If its width is that of two twin mattresses that mean couples can sleep comfortably without making each other uncomfortable. It’s like two people sleeping in separate twin beds that are joined together.

· Not the same size as Queen Size Bed

Despite the connection that may be in their names, queen and king size width dimensions are not the same. The two are of the same dimensions when it comes to length, but the difference comes in width. The difference in width is 16 inches making king-size beds wider than its counterpart.


The Width makes it Ideal for Many Occasions

For the parents that have small kids and they prefer sleeping together, this is the best bed for them. If you have pets and you sleep in the same bed, a king-size bed is an excellent option. It’s wide enough for everyone to sleep comfortably.

Choosing a King Size Bed

When choosing a king-size bed, keep in mind that they are wider than all other types. For this reason, you should first consider the dimensions of your bedroom as they take up a lot of space. There would be no point in buying a large bed while it cannot fit in the available space but if it’s a master bedroom, the size of the bed will not be a problem.

When you have ample sleeping areas, the chances of experiencing insomnia are minimal. People sleep better when they have sufficient space. With the king-size bed, it’s also important that you get the right mattress. In addition to the comfort, factor in the size of the mattress. If you have kids, pets or visitors but you do not have enough sleeping area, a king-size bed will come in handy particularly because of its width.

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