Beitrittsdatum: 16. Nov. 2021

Modern construction techniques, such as laser-guided precision, top-of-the-line pneumatic equipment and prefabrication of sections on the ground before they soar into position, have enabled builders to avoid mistakes, improve speed and ensure perfect quality.

Welcome to The Estates Nandi Hills! Set in the lush hills of Nandi, only twenty minutes outside the city of Bangalore, our hotel is designed to resonate with the natural beauty of the surroundings. An elegant blend of contemporary style and traditional architecture, create a haven of peace and comfort amidst the surrounding greenery. Make yourself at home amongst friends and family, unwind by our pool or indulge in a wide selection of culinary offerings that allow you to reconnect with nature. Come to us, and enjoy a memorable holiday experience in exquisite surroundings. We are waiting with Heart & Soul.

Manoj Kumar
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