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How To Learn Spanish

Can anyone tip me on how to learn spanish..?

Hey i speak english but i kinda wanna learn spanish.. I already know all the basics but its still hard for me to understand spanish in conversation. Any helps?? thanks

Has anyone used Rosetta stone & got results? Any one got any good suggestions on how to learn spanish?

I want to learn spanish, I was adopted from a spanish country but my adoptive parents never kept up with it.I wish they would have...but anyways, I now have a little daughter & she's not born yet but I want to learn & teach her both english & spanish while she can absorb it like a sponge. Does anyone know any good computer homework helper softwares or anything that you have PERSONALLY used that you learned spanish?Does Rosetta Stone work?

How to learn spanish easily? A little help is needed..anybody want to teach me though online?>

How to learn Spanish efficiently?

I used answers to homework questions when learnt French by memorization and things like that. It worked, but I don't have time to learn Spanish like that. btw, I love French What are some of the more fun and less time consuming ways of learning vocabulary and grammar for Spanish?I took 2 years of Spanish before, but I never had interest in it, but now I do. I'm learning by myself.Thanks for helping

How to learn Spanish quickly?...?

I am going into honors spanish 3 next year and am struggleing with 1 and 2 so i want to catch up over the summer. I was thinking about rossetta stone but heard some bad reviews. IF you have used Rossetta Stone plz give me your review. If you know of any other programs or ways to learn spanish quickly plz list them.

How to learn spanish at home?

hey well i speak great spanish but my little cousins parents want her to learn spanish, me and her parents have tryed teaching her but i guess shes just a slow learner..she knows a lot of spanish but not alll of it..are there any dvds or websites that can help her so she can do it at home.

How to learn Spanish on your own?

I do chemistry homework help online and german and french at school, I've found german quite easy but french a lot harder though I can do the basics.I often go to Spain on holiday once a year for two weeks and want to know the language. Do you have any tips or websites? Where should I start? Also do you think it will be confusing as I'm doing german and french for GCSE in june 2010?

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