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Vinyl flooring is a low-cost material that delivers a beautiful appearance but is not susceptible to excessive wetness as wood flooring is and requires very little upkeep. However, it still has to be cared for and cleaned regularly to remain in good condition. and a suitable mop is a terrific option to consider in that regard.

You won't have to spend hours scrubbing your vinyl floors to get them spotlessly clean and free of filth, stains, and debris if you use any one of these three fantastic mops. Come along with me in this article the Best Mop for Vinyl Floors: Buying Guide and TOP Suggestions

1. MEXERRIS Microfiber Spray Mop – Best For Overall

This manual spray mop incorporates a squeeze-trigger mechanism on its handle to distribute fine mist onto your vinyl floors. Other surfaces that it may be used on include stone, laminate, and tile.

It can be used either dry or wet, and it also comes with a jar that can be refilled with 13 ounces of liquid, which gives you the ability to create your cleaning solution. There are three distinct layers of material included within each mop head.

Its bottom layer is made of microfibre, which is great at picking up dust and other small particles. A substance resembling an absorbent sponge is placed in the center of the product to clean up liquids. Its final layer is the top one, and it has Velcro on it to facilitate the attachment of the mop pad to its main body.

Because the head of the mop can spin through a full 360 degrees, it is simple for the user to move it into tight spaces and around furniture. Additionally, it also includes a versatile cleaning brush for removing dust from its microfiber mop pads.

2. Swiffer WetJet Floor Spray Mop Cleaner - Best for the Reinforced Handle

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A Comprehensive Guide to Getting the Best Mop for Vinyl plank Floors

The Swiffer spray mop is equipped with a twin nozzle sprayer which is designed to operate well on the majority of hardwood, vinyl, and tile floors.

Simply touching the handle with your finger triggers the discharge of the precise amount of cleaning solution that is needed, and as soon as the dirt and filth are loosened, these WetJet pads can properly absorb them.

This set comes with four different batteries, one cleaning solution, ten different mopping pads, and one power mop.

3. Bona Spray Mop – Best For The Versatile Mop

This Bona spray mop is reviewed highly on the The King Live, which is equipped not just with a microfiber pad that can be reused but also with an integrated sprayer and a flat head.

The breadth of this mop head is among the largest home mops now available today. You may get models that are larger than this one, but even this size will enable users to clean more quickly than they could do with a standard mop.

The rubber edges can protect your furniture from scratches and dents. Plus, its lightweight yet durable handle provides the secondary grip which helps clean power and additional control.

Be advised that there is a problem with leaks in some of the units. If this happens to you, your best course of action is to get in touch with Bona's customer care and request a replacement.


The installation of vinyl plank flooring is a superb upgrade for any house. They are not affected by water, are simple to clean, and are inexpensive. spills, grime, and filth may all be removed with these mops for vinyl floors, and the protective coating will be preserved in the process.

However, as you now know, each of the options on this post possesses some advantages that set them apart from one another. It is all up to you to choose! Even if you choose one at random from this list, it will still be making the best mop for Vinyl plank floors.

The Best Mop For Vinyl Floors - Buying Guide

The Best Mop For Vinyl Floors - Buying Guide

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