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How to Write a Research Proposal

It is common for individuals to panic and as such, most of them end up failing to submit the recommended reports. Writing a research proposal is not a walk in the park. It would help if you knew what should be included in your paper, and why. With this post, you will understand the basics of writing a research proposal.

What Should You Know About a Research Proposal?

Before you write a research proposal, there is a need to determine the purpose of it. A research proposal is a plan that sets the recommended guidelines for a study. It helps to convince the audience that you are capable of solving a research problem. Besides, it also gives details about the methodology you will use to do the research.

A research proposal should provide a plan for carrying out the research. The main aim of a plan is to define the scope of the research. From there, you can plan on how you’ll conduct the research.

It helps a lot to be sure of the information that you’ll include dissertation proposal writing services. At times, the supervisors could be asking you to provide a draft of the final research proposal. If you do not have one, you should seek another expert to guide you through the entire process.

Another important thing that you must do before you start writing is to determine the correct format and structure to include in the research proposal. A research proposal should contain the following:


The title says what you are planning to do. When writing this section, you must be keen not to go outside the topic. Ensure that you choose a relevant topic, one that you can handle with ease. Remember, the title gives instructions on what you are planning to do. As such, you should be keen not to deviate from the subject.

Background Information

When writing the background information, you should provide a brief introduction of your research. Explain what you’ll do. It should provide valuable information that explains the context of your research. Besides, you should also include the questions that you will address during the research.

Literature Review

In this section, it is essential to provide scholarly sources that contain relevant information to support your research problem. Ancient sources that can back up your research proposal are also useful. You’ll need to quote all the sources that you’ll use to arrange your ideas.

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